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On th Rocks Branding. A woman resting in a glass of whiskey.

On the Rocks Cocktail bar is a daring non-conservative establishment in Canada. With that in mind, I applied a sensual yet luxurious approach to this brand. The depiction of a naked woman sitting in a glass of whiskey on the rocks conveys a daring and unconventional approach to mixology. While many swanky cocktail lounges err on the side of conservatism when it comes to branding and marketing, a more provocative image will help this establishment stand out from the competition and attract a younger, more discerning clientele.

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Half Moon Discoveries, is a place of unique and rare treasures. The symbolism of the all-seeing eye signifies the store's ability to see through objects, both past and present, and uncover hidden stories and histories. It represents the concept of enlightenment, knowledge, and wisdom gained through experience and exploration.

The logo's two hands raised to the eye feature a glove on one hand and bones showing on the other. This juxtaposition of life and death can signify the cycle of birth and decay, the connection between the living and the dead, and the idea that all things eventually come to an end. The golden hue in the logo represents wealth, luxury, and prosperity, which is what antique stores often offer with their rare and valuable goods. Forest green and tan are both earthy tones and could symbolize the store's connection to nature and history.

In conclusion, this antique store is not just a place to find rare objects, but a place to learn about the past and immerse oneself in history.

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Half Moon Discoveries branding. Two hands reaching out to an all seeing eye.
Man Down Apothecary Branding. A beautiful vintage badge detailing the companies services.

The use of this round badge is to represent a  vintage feel in the apothecary industry and is rooted in tradition and nostalgia. The round shape is reminiscent of old-fashioned apothecary jars, while the vintage style evokes a sense of history and expertise. Additionally, the use of script and sans serif fonts can suggest both elegance and modernity, respectively. The choice of light tan on a charcoal background conveys a sense of naturalness and simplicity, which could be appealing to customers seeking natural remedies. Overall, the logo for Man Down Apothecary was designed to convey a sense of tradition, expertise, and elegance, while also maintaining a modern touch.

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The worried deer as the symbol for a hunting supply store like "The Worried Deer" can carry several psychological implications. For potential customers, the worried deer may symbolize the fear and apprehension that hunters often face when scouting and tracking their prey. This could create a sense of empathy and understanding between the brand and its target audience, as well as a shared appreciation for the challenges and adrenaline rush of hunting.

Additionally, the vintage and decorative font used for the brand's name suggests a traditional, nostalgic approach to hunting, which may appeal to customers who appreciate the heritage and history of the sport. The dark gold color scheme used for both the deer and text can also evoke feelings of warmth, naturalness, and luxury, further enhancing the brand's connection to the outdoors.

Overall, the branding behind "The Worried Deer" effectively utilizes visual and emotional cues to appeal to potential customers who value the excitement and tradition of hunting.

The Worried Deer Hunting Supplies Brand.
Bearded Dragon Tattoo Company. Vintage and traditional Japanese tattooing.

In Japanese mythology, dragons are considered powerful and benevolent creatures that symbolize strength, wisdom, and good luck. Their depictions in tattoo art often show them with a fierce and determined expression, as seen in the illustrated head of the dragon used in the logo for Bearded Dragon Tattoo Company.

The use of a traditional Japanese dragon in the logo emphasizes the company's focus on Japanese-inspired tattoo designs and showcases their commitment to providing high-quality, expertly crafted tattoos. The bold, blood-red text with a gold stroke adds to the overall powerful and commanding visual impact of the logo, while the sans serif font choice lends a contemporary edge.

The subheading, written in a classical serif font, complements the overall aesthetic of the logo and emphasizes the company's commitment to timeless, classic tattoo designs. The combination of these design elements helps position Bearded Dragon Tattoo Company as a leading provider of expertly crafted, high-quality tattoos with a focus on traditional Japanese motifs.

The logo for Tiger Fire, Asian Cuisine features a fierce tiger head illustration in the center, engulfed in flames. The tiger's mouth is open, adding to the intensity of the design. The fiery tiger head is placed on a dark green background that adds depth and contrast. The tiger head is surrounded by bold red typography with a yellow stroke that reads "Tiger Fire, Asian Cuisine". The typography is placed strategically to enhance the overall balance of the logo while maintaining a modern feel. The combination of red, yellow, and white colors used throughout the logo represent the Asian influence that is at the heart of the restaurant's cuisine.

Tiger Fire Asian Cuisine branding.

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